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On-Line Retrospective (Work in Progress)

Changes to this section of the website will be made frequently.

In 2002 a retrospective exhibition (Read Exhibition Prospectus) of thirty years of prints was organized by print curators Jerry Cohn (Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts), Lyle Williams (McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas) and David Becker (Portland, Maine). Plans for the exhibit stalled and in 2004, the project was cancelled.

Prints selected for the retrospective exhibition are being added to DocArt.com in chronological order, along with supporting materials related to the prints. The prints have been selected from the larger body of print work organized in the Print Catalog.

This page provides an on-line print retrospective for prints by Eric Avery. Unless otherwise noted, all prints are published by the artist. All images Copyright © Eric Avery. All rights reserved.

Click on the underlined title to view.

1966-1970 Christmas/New Year Cards (1966 to present)

Fable of the Mermaids and the Drunks (1972)

Cleft Palate (1972)

Syndrome (UTMB Yearbook) (1972)

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Doctor (1974)

I am not a Pederast (1980)

First Rain in Las Dhure Refugee Camp, Somalia (1980)

Las Dure Refugee Camp Certificate (1980)

Nuclear Wish for Las Dhure (1980)


El Clown Moderno (1981)

Mary Martha Comes to Town (1982)

Death Gives Birth to Beauty (1982)

Tyranny (1982)

Laredo, Texas Amnesty International Poster (Printed Matter 1982)

Images of Life and Death Posters (Printed Matter 1982)

The New Face of Liberty (1983)

Blood Test (1983)

Mona Lupe (1983)

Seasons of the Year by the Animals Killed in South Texas (1983) 
Suite of four linoleum block prints
  Spring Scare Crow
  Summer Smashed Turtle
  Autumn Skinned Coyote
  Winter Deer Skin

View Across the Rio Grande, the River of Death, from San Ygnacio, Texas (1983)

In My Neighbor's Garden (1984)

History (1984)

Four Wood Engravings (1984)
  Alienation Always
  Artists Dancing

Dr. Anderson's Run (1984)

Medical Student of the Future (single image 1985)

Uncle Christ (1985)

Zapata Drive In (with bugs on the windshield) (1985)

Man: His Last Million Years (1986)

San Ygnacio Blues (1987)

Starving African Child with AIDS (1987)

 Damn It (1987)
Suite of five lithographs with woodcut overprint
  The Blue Bath
  Summer Boogie Woogie
  Healing Before Art (1986)
  As It Is
  We Are With You

Red, White and Blue, Yellow Tailed Pig (1988)

Your Turn Jesse - Federally Funded Health Care for Senator (1989)

New Hope (1989)

1984 AIDS (1990)

Portraits of George Bush's Mouth, "Read My Lips" (1990)

Gag Reflex and Portrait of George Bush's Mouth, Read My Throat (1990)


USA Dishonor and Disrespect (Haitian Interdiction 1981-1994)

Chimera (1991)

Johnny Garrett is Dead (1992)

America Discovers Columbus 1492-1992 (1992)

HIV Condom Filled Pinata (1993)

The Skin Of My Mother (1997)

Nipples (1997)

Lifecycle of HIV Showing Sites of Actions of Medication (1997)

Spansexuality (1997)

Small Pox (1994)

Blue Smallpox, The Print of Hope (1993)

Not the Feet of the One and Only (1994)


View of Galveston From the Gay Beach (2001)

Do Unto Others (2001)

Galveston Fig Tree Seasons (2002)


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