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Mary Martha Comes to Town

Mary Martha Comes to Town
Linoleum block print on mulberry paper
24" x 36". Edition 10

The artist Michael Tracy lived in San Ygnacio. I had known him when we both lived in Galveston. While waiting to leave the United States to work with refugees, I moved to San Ygnacio, Texas from New York City. I returned to San Ygnacio after my year’s work with refugees in Indonesia and Somalia. Michael’s art career was flourishing and his friend Julien Schnabel brought his dealers Bruno Bishoffberger and Mary Boone to look at Michael’s work. He was subsequently represented by Mary Boone. After her visit, I cut this print. In the upper left corner is my Toyota car which I used to pick up the visitors at the Laredo airport. Her/their plane is leaving in the upper right corner back to NYC represented by one of the World Trade Center Towers. Mary wore a miniskirt and Maude Frisson shoes and is represented as Nefertiti, walking on water, greeting Akhenaten (Michael Tracey) from an appropriated image I had seen in Cairo, Egypt Museum. The men on the left side of the print are appropriated from Bruegel’s “If The Blind Follow The Blind, They Will Surely Fall Into A Ditch”. A Schnabel painting with horns attached is represented in the upper right. Dancing pigs are behind Mary Boone. We served Mole and Flan for the lunch. A childhood rhyme is printed around the edge of the print: “Mary Martha comes to town, eating our p – mole and flan, when right down...” Michael Tracy would be the spider.
printing mary martha
1982 Eric Avery printing “Mary Martha Comes to Town”, Henry Estrada watching. San Ygnacio, TX.
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