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Printed Pamphlets, Posters, and Cards

This page provides on-line printed matter by Eric Avery. Unless otherwise noted, all prints are published by the artist. All images Copyright © Eric Avery. All rights reserved.

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Pandemic Blues
Linoleum block print on various post cards
Edition: open
Pandemic Blues in Emerging Infectious Disease Themed Prints

Christmas/New Year Cards
(1966 to present)


San Ygnacio Night Blooming Cereus Cactus


Laser Printed Poster
Designed by Adam DelMarcelle, Eric Avery & Dave DiMarchi

Emergency Response to Opioid Overdose
Laser Printed Chap Book
4x5", 8 Pages
Edition: 200
Designed and Bound by Eric Avery and Dave DiMarchi

Ruby Reds
Laser Printed Chap Book
4x5", 24 Pages
Edition 120
Designed and Bound by Eric Avery and Dave DiMarchi

Shame and Disbelief (2018)
Two-color Silkscreen and Offset Card
Folded: 5.25'X5.25"
Edition: 200
Silkscreen printing by Dave Dimarchi

Manger Scene


Are You Depressed or Just Sad?
Printed Booklet
4 1/2"x5 3/4", 16 Pages
Edition: 5000
Collaborative Visiting Artist project for East Tennessee State University Content by Eric Avery, MD; Layout and illustrations by Jennifer Thayer & Rebecca Edwards; M. Wayne Dyer Graphic Design Professor; July 2017

Action = Life
Art, Medicine and AIDS in the USA

Laser Printed Chap Book
4x5", 16 Pages
Edition 120
Designed and Bound by Eric Avery and Dave DiMarchi
Printed for Avery's Artist Talk at The British Museum, London; June 3, 2017

The Stations of the Cross
St. Phillip's Episcopal Church website
Artists: Eric Avery, David Paar, Jill Schoeniger, Eric Schoeniger, Kasey Ivan Portenier


Shame & Disbelief
Silkscreen and Offset Card with gold leaf inclusion
Folded: 5.25'X5.25"
Edition: 200
Silkscreen printing by Dave Dimarchi

Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016 (Flipbook)
Woodcut, Handmade Paper and Wheat Grass
Flipbook designed by Eric Avery and Dave DiMarchi
Photographs by Roger Haile
Laser Printed on French Paper by Andy Johnson, FMI Direct, Philadelphia, PA.
Handbound by Avery and DiMarchi in New Hope, PA. Edition: 60


Courage to Care
___For Self
___For Others
Letterpress and 3 color linoleum block print
Edition: 1000
Keepsake for 10th Anniversary events at McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics UT Health Science Center Houston

Letterpress on Crane card with beveled gold leaf edge
4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Edition: 30

Read Line 1
(3 versions)
Linoleum block print on handmade Hosho paper
18" x 113/4"
Edition: 15
Conference poster
Polymer plate relief prints on handmade Hosho paper 
9" x 15"
Edition: B/W 50 Color 20

Are You Depressed or Just Sad
Letterpress, relief photo engravings, linoleum block print, silk screen
Printed at Printmaking Center of New Jersey (Dave Dimarchi) and
Louisiana State University (Leslie Koptcho, Rod Mills)
One sheet book printed front and verso
5 x 7 3/4 inches folded, unfolded verso 17 1/4" x 21 1/2"
Edition: 125

2012 SS Duchamp
Offset Printed Card, Roger Haile Photographer
Folded: 5 1/2” x 5 1/2”
Edition: 200

Relief Photoengravings on Handmade Paper
5" x 7"
Edition: Open

Woodcut on Kitakata Handmade Paper
11x15 1/2"
Edition: 50


Rxcipes for Disaster
Digital letterpress single section book on artist made paper
Printed for Philagrafika – The Graphic Unconscious 2011
Printed by Mark Attwood
8½" x 5½". Edition: 100.

Print Back
Offset, embossed card
Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions
Philigrafika 2010
Edition: 1-50 numbered then open edition


Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference
Ninth Annual McLaughlin Conference Poster
Image: Avian Who?
April 16-18, 2009

2007 Everyone Can Be A Leader
Letterpress print on handmade paper
18"x20" edition: 10
Printed as part of Shirts off our backs
Print/Paper Action. Boston University
November 29-30, 2007

Calavera Card
Linoleum block print on handmade paper

Liver Die
A Print Action for Health - Hepatitis C

Digital Letterpress single section book with photo engraving of linoleum block print on hand made paper.
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Washington, DC
March 31-April 3, 2005
Read Exhibition Prospectus


Unholy Communion
Folded broadside. When closed, two 4½" x 6" leaflets form a 9" x 6" lithograph/linoleum block print front image. When the leaflets are opened, an 18" x 6" lithograph interior image is displayed.

Linoleum Block Print on handmade paper.


Pictures That Give Hope
Printed Booklet
5 1/2” x 8 1/2” 14 pages with folded insert 7” x 21” Lifecycle of HIV
Edition: 3000

Reprinted  for use in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice from the 2001 artist book Pictures that Give Hope.

Galveston Shell Card
Linoleum block print on handmade paper.

Art For Medicine
Lithograph, Letterpress folded broadside on Arches paper and crushed HIV medications.
Printed at 3rd IMPACT Print Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
Printers: Mark Attwood, Bill Lagatutta, Andrea Steer, Ernstine White, Joseph Lagate
Folded: 11" x 7¼". Unfolded 21 7/8" x 14½". Edition: 27.

Hurry Up Help Me Africa is Dying
Digital letterpress single section book with two reduced relief engravings of a woodcut on artist handmade paper.

Printed at 3rd IMPACT Print Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
Letterpress printing by Mark Attwood
8½" x 5½". Edition: 100.


Pictures That Give Hope
Digital letterpress pamplet
Printed and bound March 2001 at Southern Graphics Council Conference
Austin, Texas
Folded: 5½" x 7 5/8" Unfolded: 5½" x 11¼"
Edition: 200.


Emerging Infectious Diseases
Letterpress Photoengraving
Type set by Gordon Rouze
10 3/4" x 7 3/4"
Edition: 100

37th International Congress on The History of Medicine
37th International Congress on the History of Medicine
September 10-15, 2000

Letterpress, photoengraving on artist made paper from surgical towels
Printers: Eric Avery/Gordon Rouze
18"x12" Edition: 250

Spring Dance in Galveston
Linoleum block print on handmade paper with glitter inclusions
6" x 8". Edition: 20.


The New Face of AIDS
Letterpress pamplet
Printed and bound March 1999 at Southern Graphics Coucil Conference
Tempe, Arizona
Folded: 6" x 4½" Unfolded: 6" x 9"
Edition: 165.

1997 Small Soulful Cows
(Set of 3) Photo relief block prints on handmade paper in embossed handmade paper wrapper
5" x 7". Edition: 20.

Linoleum block print on handmade paper.
A series of 10 illustrations, 4 of them cut through the center, forming 4½" leaflets which when folded change a man into a woman and a woman into a man.
18" x 12". Unfolded Edition: 50


The Kiss
Photo Silk Screen on Valentine
10" x 14"

Graham Gallery Exhibition Party Invitation
Linoleum block print on Pakistan wedding card
Edition: open


Will it Always Be Like This
Offset Poster
edition: open

1984 - El Salvador


Healing Before Art
Cover: photoengraving letterpress
Catalog: offset
Essay: David Bjelajac
Printer: Eric Avery at Center for Book Arts, NYC
Edition: 1000

American Medicine
Folio/Book with text and four wood engravings on kitakata paper
  Neonatal Manger Scene
  The Modern Tumble of Life
  Barney Clarke Meets Baby Fae on the Road to Africa
  The Medical Student of the Future
Letterpress printed at Center for Book Arts NYC, NY
Engravings printed by the artist
Folio 8¼" x 5¾"
Edition: 25

Laredo, Texas Amnesty International Poster
16" x 11"

Images of Life and Death - Galveston
24" x 32"
. Edition: open

Images of Life and Death - San Antonio
16" x 24
". Edition: open

Linoleum block print on chiri handmade paper
20" x 24". Edition: 20

1973 Syndrome (UTMB Yearbook)
Offset on cloth cover
Cover 12¼” x 9¼” image 7” x 9¾”
Edition: 700

Fable of the Mermaids and the Drunks
7 images illustrating Pablo Neruda’s poem Fabula de la Sirena y los Borachos
Printed in Texas Report on Biology and Medicine 1974 32:1

Syndrome (UTMB Yearbook)
Two color silkscreen on cloth cover
Cover 12¼” x 9¼” image 7” x 9¾”
Printer: Eric Avery
Edition: 700

1969 Fifty Plus One
Silk Screen
4" x 5 1/2"
Bug Notes
Linoleum Block print on card stock with black ink
4 1/2" x 5"
Edition: open