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passage Passages an Online Magazine of visions and voices. Issue 4, October 2020.
art in print

Art In Print, Volume 9, Number 1, 2019
“Art Triage: Eric Avery and Adam DelMarcelle Take on The Opioid Crisis” by Susan Tallman

Boston Printmakers The Boston Printmakers 2017 North American Print Biennial
Exhibition Catalog
Renee Covalucci, President
Judith Brodie, Juror, Curator of Modern Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D
Cambridge, MA
american dream

American Dream: Pop to the Present
Exhibition Catalog
, 2017
Stephen Coppel, Catherine Daunt, Susan Tallman, authors
Thames & Hudson and The British Museum
London, UK

art in print Art In Print, Vol. 6, No. 5
"DocArt Trauma: Eric Avery's AIDS Works" by Marjorie Cohn
"Art in Print, No. 6" by Eric Avery
"Rx" (2014-2016) Original artwork Letterpres printed by the artist and Dave DiMarchi
"Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016" Flipbook
"Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016" HD Video
Susan Tallman, Editor-in-Chief
Julie Bernatz, Associate Publisher
Chicago, IL
Jonathan David Katz and Rock Huska, curators. “ART AIDS AMERICA”. Tacoma Art Museum in Association with University of Washington Press, Seattle and London. pg 124. 2016.
“The Graphic Unconscious” Jaynes, Teresa, Executive Director: Philagrafika 2010. Roca, Jose: Publication Coordinator. pg 116-121. Philadelphia, 2010. 
The Open Print, Faye Hirsch, Art in America April, 2010. pg 67-73
Review of Philagrafika The Graphic Unconscious. Philadelphia 2010.
Hasting Center Report Brody, Howard and Eric Avery "Medicine's Duty to Treat Pandemic Illness: Solidarity and Vulnerability" Hastings Center Report: Volume 39, no.1. January-Feburary 2009
Christopher Forth and Ivan Crozier, editors. "Body Parts: Critical Explorations in Corporeality". Lexington Books, January 2005.
PRINTS: SYSTEM, STYLE AND SUBJECT PRINTS: SYSTEM, STYLE AND SUBJECT, Harvard University, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 9, 2004 - January 30, 2005.
The Psychiatry of AIDS: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

The Psychiatry of AIDS: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Glenn J. Treisman, M.D., Andrew Angelino, M.D. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004 ISBN 0-8018-8006-8 www.press.jhu.edu.

Durgin, Michael, editor. Hand Papermaking, Volume 19 Number 1, Summer 2004. Cover image is Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2000 and text by Eric Avery with illustrations on pages 8-10. Read text of article.
Fisher, Michael J. Emergent Forms of Life and the Anthropological Voice, Duke University Press, 2003.
Lucie-Smith, Edward. "Deep in the Art of Texas" in Art Review, May 2001.
"...he makes powerful woodcuts in German Expressionist style, mostly about AIDS-related subjects, but also about political topics such as George W. Bush's arrival at the White House... Only in Texas, one is tempted to remark..."
Para-Sites: A Casebook Against Cynical Reason cover Fisher, Michael. "With a Hammer, a Gouge, and a Woodblock: The Work of Art and Medicine in the Age of Social Retraumatization-The Texas Woodcut Art of Dr. Eric Avery" in Para-Sites: A Casebook Against Cynical Reason Late Editions7: Cultural Studies for the End of the Century, George E. Marcus, Editor. The University of Chicago Press, 2000.
Texas Medicine cover Franke, Johanna. "The Art of Medicine" in Texas Medicine, Volume 95:2, February 1999.
Harvard Art Museum Annual Report Art as Medicine/Medicine as Art November 30 and December 1, 1997 in Harvard University Art Museums Annual Report 1997-1998.
Biomedical Inquiry cover: Healing Art Sheehy, Sandy "Healing Art" in Biomedical Inquiry, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Spring/Summer 1997.
healing before art Bjelajac, David, Healing Before Art, Corpus Christi State University, Weil Gallery,
September 17- October 22, 1987 
Hands Healing: A photograhic essay Avery, Eric. "Hands Healing: A photograhic essay in The Visual Arts in Medical Education," Gen Berg, Editor. Southern Illinois University Press, 1983.
Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine, Special Issue. "The Humanities and Medicine", Volume 32, Number 1, Spring 1974. See in Print Catalog Fable of the Mermaids and the Drunks
Life Magazine. Parched Land of the Dying. Photographer, Harry Benson. Reporting, Christopher Whipple. April 1981, Pages 36-46.
Look Magazine. The Prediciment of Pecos, Texas. Knebel, Fletcher. July 31, 1962, Pages 75-82.

Schallack, Jason P. The Lost Art of Healing, 1999. An interview and exhibition videotape of an exploration by Eric Avery M.D. of the liminal clinical art space, where art and medicine come together. This record of his art action in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Art Gallery shows New York plastic surgeon Jane Petro practicing the art of medicine by giving patient examinations and plastic surgery consultations in the gallery space. Lilly Pink, a New York performance artist represented the business and theater of medicine by hawking contemporary snake oil outside the gallery space. 33 minutes.
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Rothfels, Nigel. Biotechnology, Culture and the Body. The CD contains abstracts of the papers given at a conference hosted by the Center for Twentieth Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, April 24-26, 1997. The CD has video clips of Eric Avery's conference art action "The Lost Art of Healing" and incorporates his wood engravings from the series "American Medicine" (1985).

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