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Digital letterpress single section book on artist made paper
Printed for Philagrafika – The Graphic Unconscious 2011
Printed by Mark Attwood, The Artist's Press, South Africa
8½" x 5½". Edition: 100.

Artist Statement/Description of Work:

This single section pamphlet stitched booklet on artist made paper is a companion piece to Paradise Lost and part of Eric Avery’s work for Philagrafika – The Graphic Unconscious.
These recipes are not prescriptions for health and wellbeing.  They are chimeric fables nixing animals, humans and germs in ways that have produced history-changing plagues and incalculable misery and death.  Each Rxcipe is followed by an application meant to teach a lesson about the origin of infectious diseases and about our lives with animals.
Rxcipes for Disaster are:
-Conquest of the Americas ( Smallpox)
-Bush Meat Stew (HIV/AIDS)
- Cassoulet of Pork and Lamb in Beef or Chicken Broth (Influenza)
- Flight Avian Flu ( any airborne infectious diseases)


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