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Medical Student of the Future
1. Basic Brain
  --for Basic Science
  -- for Clinical Core
2. Note Lack of Eyelids
(No sleep needed)
3. Wide Angle Eyes
(Increased Speed and Efficiency)
4. Sonic Ears (for Inaudible Whispers from Sleeping Lecturers)
5. Atropied Mouth (Verbal Communication Useless)
6. Left Hand Evolved to a No. 2 1/2 Lead Pencil
7. Most Viscera Gone
  --Replaced by 3 Cornified Regions for Placing I.V.'s
8. Enlarged Buttocks for Prolonged Lectures


9. Noticeable Lack of Gonads
10. Suction Cup Feet for Climbing Walls
11. Surgical Hand
12. Carbon Dioxide and Water Vents
13. Thumb Enlarged for Sucking-Button Pushing
14. Enlarged Thyroid for Hyperactive Metabolic Rate
15. Enlarged Nose for Increased Oxygen Consumption
16. X-Ray Eyes (Quick Diagnosis)

Medical Student of the Future
Individual prints 8 1/4" x 5 3/4" edition: 10

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