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Linoleum block print on chiri handmade paper
edition: 20
history hand painted
Cast Paper Linoleum block print with hand coloring
edition: unique
In 2020, Eric Avery wrote:

I made this print in Hotel El Salvador in Mexico City in 1984. At the time I was meeting with refugee activists in Mexico City. As background I was reading Penny Lernoux's book, The Cry of the People.

Cry of the People: United States Involvement in the Rise of Fascism, Torture, and Murder and the Persecution of the Catholic Church in Latin America Hardcover – April 1, 1980

I had bought a papel picado of caleveras for Day of the Dead. I positioned the tissue cut out on a piece of linoleum. I then spray painted this. When I lifted off the papel, I had the masked image on the linoleum. I cut out the stenciled image, reproducing the papel. I then cut the names of the counties I was reading about across the top of the linoleum.

The great Satan is pulling Mexico, and Central American countries holding onto to each into Hell. The Nicaragua Sandinistas had broken off from the United States.

It's a simple linoleum block print made by a gringo about Ronald Reagan's Central American Wars. I printed it in the hotel room.

The colored version was my first attempt at printing the block with hand made paper with colored paint.

October 5, 2020
San Ygnacio, Texas

Dear George V
Mexi-Arte Museum
Austin, Texas

When I made this print in 1984, the USA (El Satano) was pulling Mexico and Central America into Hell. From my 2020 Laredo No Border Wall Coalition perspective, the present chaos and human migration happening on the Southern Border is directly related to this History. Today, the grip between us and them will be replaced by Trump’s  Fuck You Wall. The Wall will keep the USA in the Hell we helped create.

We should DEFUND the Wall and instead FUND our future. Build community, Not Walls.

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