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Faery Land in Texas Paper
Print Technique and Sources of Materials

This page describes the techniques used to make the produce the print and make the paper used in the prints. Click "More..." under each section to view larger images and more extensive information for that step.

Source Image
The source image I have used to make my print is a cloth wall hanging bought in an antique shop in Dallas. It is handprinted on cotton cloth with an image of a fairy sitting near a mushroom.

Block Transfer
The cloth-printed image was transferred onto a 3x4 feet piece of battleship linoleum that has been mounted with good glue on marine plywood.

The linoleum is inked by hand using a brayer.

Making Paper Part 1: Pulp
Paper pulp being prepared in my Hollander Beater.

Making Paper Part 2: Pulp to paper
The sheets of paper are formed and turned onto the inked linoleum block.

You need to now get as much water out of the pulp on the block as you can.

Final Steps
The print now needs to be dried and off the block within about twelve hours or the ink begins to dry and the print will stick to the block.

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