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Faery Land in Texas Paper
Print Technique and Sources of Materials

Final Steps

The print now needs to be dried and off the block within about twelve hours or the ink begins to dry and the print will stick to the block. I position fans turned up to high over the block to dry it. Sometimes I use a small space heater to heat up the air blowing onto the block.

Before the printed paper is completely dry, I mix a solution of Polyadam Polymer P-89 (Lee McDonald, Inc.) and paint it externally to the back of the printed paper. This adds rigidity to the finished work. I mix a solution of 1(polymer): 3(water). Too much polymer results in a plastic-like feel to the finished print.

When the print is dry, it will easily lift off the block. If you try to remove the paper from the block (a common mistake) before the paper is dry, it won't want to come off, will separate into two layers - the dry outer layer and the wet/ink layer. Other mistakes that make removal difficult are an unclean block before printing or your ink was too sticky and tacky. With practice you will figure out a recipe that works for you.

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