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Faery Land in Texas Paper
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You need to now get as much water out of the pulp on the block as you can. This can be done on smaller blocks using arm pressure and a sponge. Your goal is to get the paper as dry as you can and I think the pressure at this point helps with the printing.

I have a hydraulic press specially built for me by Lee McDonald, Inc. which adjusts in the printing if my blocks are uneven. I put a stack of felts on the paper pulp on the block to soak up water in the pressing. It also helps push the paper into the cut out areas of the block.

I put this stack in my press and increase the pressure on my block to 60 lbs. per square inch. Water should have stopped dripping out of the stack at this point. I leave it in the press for about 5 minutes. Then remove the stack from the press, remove the felts and use the hand sponge technique to take out water left from the pressing. I also trim the edges if they are uneven.

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