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Faery Land in Texas Paper
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The linoleum is inked by hand using a brayer. To print on sheets of paper, I use Daniel Smith Relief Ink (Traditional Black #79).

When printing with wet paper pulp, it is very important for the linoleum block to be clean of all ink and solvents from previous printings. I clean my blocks between printing with paint thinner (toxic so use gloves, good ventilation and a good quality respirator) and when dry, I use water and Soft Scrub kitchen cleaner and a soft bristle brush to remove any residue of previous inking. The block should be completely dry before proceeding on to printing.

When I print the linoleum block using wet paper pulp, I modify the ink using Daniel Smith Miracle Gel Reducer (reduces the body and tack of the ink) and clove oil (bought in a pharmacy). To print using paper pulp, you need to modify the ink to make it juicier so it will transfer to the drying paper. Because the paper dries on the block over 24 hours, you slow the drying of the ink by adding the clove oil. Rough proportions for mixing are for an equivalent of two walnuts of ink, add two peas of miracle gel and one drop of clove oil. Over ink the block when you print using paper pulp.

You can buy your printing supplies from:

Daniel Smith
PO Box 84268
Seattle, WA 98124-5568
Toll Free: 1-800-426-6740
Toll Free Fax: 1-800-238-4065
International Calls: (206) 223-9599
International Fax: (206) 224-0404

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