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Faery Land in Texas Paper
Print Technique and Sources of Materials

Block Transfer

The cloth-printed image was transferred onto a 3x4 feet piece of battleship linoleum that has been mounted with good glue on marine plywood.

The transfer is done by using a Xerox of the original which is turned Xerox side down on the linoleum and rubbed on the backside with a small amount of lacquer thinner on a cotton rag. Wear protective gloves, work in well ventilated area since the solvent fumes are very toxic and don't use too much lacquer thinner or you will begin to break down the linoleum. The lacquer dissolves the Xerox toner, allowing it to be transferred to the linoleum when the paper is rubbed.

The linoluem is cut using simple Speedball v-shaped gouges.

You can buy linoleum and the cutting tools from:
Renaissance Graphic Arts, Inc.
69 Steamwhistle Drive
Ivyland, PA 18974
Toll Free: 1-888-833-3398
Phone: (215) 357-5705
Fax: (215)357-5258

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