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Vonda Reeve Darby, M.D.

Gerry Sehaub, LVN, Research Coordinator

Miguel Ortega, Social Worker

Anita Perez, 9-B

Bill Silkowski, Research Nurse Coordinator

Nancy Tovar, Administrative Assistant

Tim King, Nurse on 9-B (HIV Ward)

Julie Hobbs, PT

Marcia Sova, PA

Marie Kitchen, House Keeper

Rick Muma, PA

John Rodriguez, Clinical Trials Study Coordinator

Rose Perez, Social Worker

Juanatia James, Nurses Aid

Mike Borucki, M.D.

Karen Waterman, ACTU Program Manager

"Verna" Thompson, OSA (Outpatient Service Assistant)

Grace Mora, RN

John Fuchs, PharmD

Jeff East, PA

Guy Hausrath, M.D.

Debra Elder, Nurses Aid

Janice Curry, PA

David Paar, M.D.

Richard Pollard, M.D.

Evelyn Rougely, RN, Charge Nurse

Eric Avery, M.D.

Portraits of Patients
Portraits of HIV/AIDS Health Care Providers, UTMB, 1994
Black and White Photographs
11" x 14"
Rodger Haile, Photographer

Art exhibit features portraits of UTMB's AIDS care team.

A collection of photographic portraits of 88 UTMB employees illustrates the sense of community developed by the University’s HIV/AIDS care-givers.
The photographs will be unveiled March 4 [1994] during opening ceremonies fir the UTMB Infectious Diseases/Virology Clinic, which will include participation by White House AIDS Policy Coordinator Kristine Gebbie. Debbie will be at UTMB to participate in the conference HIV/AIDS: Paradox in Practice and will present UTMB’s second Health Care/Health Policy Lecture.
Taken by acclaimed New York photographer Roger Haile, the set of black-and-white photographs was created as a visual reference of the many people at UTMB working against extraordinary odds in the battle against HIV and AIDS. The collection features the AIDS care team, from Dr. Richard Pollard, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on HIV/AIDS research, to social workers and dietitians. The photos help illustrate the vital role each member of the virology team and the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit plays in the research and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.
“Exhibiting the portraits during the virology clinic’s opening is a symbolic gesture,” Dr. Eric Avery, Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences who specializes in AIDS psychiatry. “This exhibit will introduce each of these ordinary individuals to the significance of their work in this catastrophe. Like stringing pearls on a necklace, the display creates a sense of wholeness, which is what a healer does.”
The portraits will be exhibited from 3pm to 7pm. For more information, call ext. 24979.

Avery’s first art exhibition in a medical space was the installation of Clinic provider portraits, and art by Sue Coe and Clinic patients. A patient’s quilt and the Provider photographs behind Dr. Richard Pollard, Director of HIV Clinic, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Principal Investigator, UTMB AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, who presided over the opening of the Clinic. To his left, under Portraits, Kristine Gebbie RN, National AIDS policy coordinator, Jeanne White, Founder and President, The Ryan White Foundation, Barbara Crews, Mayor, City of Galveston. Seated across from Dr. Pollard, is Paul Hoyler, a patient in the Clinic.
Paul and Phyllis
Phyllis and Paul Hoyler, Patients in UTMB HIV Clinic, speaking at exhibition opening.
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