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Vonda Reeve Darby, M.D.

Gerry Sehaub, LVN, Research Coordinator

Miguel Ortega, Social Worker

Anita Perez, 9-B

Bill Silkowski, Research Nurse Coordinator

Nancy Tovar, Administrative Assistant

Tim King, Nurse on 9-B (HIV Ward)

Julie Hobbs, PT

Marcia Sova, PA

Marie Kitchen, House Keeper

Rick Muma, PA-C

John Rodriguez, Clinical Trials Study Coordinator

Rose Perez, Social Worker

Juanatia James, Nursery

Mike Borucki, M.D.

Karen Waterman, ACTU Program Manager

"Verna" Thompson

Grace Mora, RN

John Fuchs, PharmD

Guy, Hausrath, M.D.

Debra Elder, Nursing Assistant 9-B

Janice Curry, PA

David Paar, M.D.

Richard Pollard, M.D.

Evelyn Rougely, RN, Charge Nurse

Eric Avery, M.D.

Portraits of Patients
Portraits of HIV/AIDS Health Care Providers, UTMB, 1997
Black and White Photographs
11" x 14"
Rodger Haile, Photographer
ca. 1997

For 19 years, Dr. Avery has worked as an HIV psychiatrist at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.  Evidence shows that psychiatric disorders are common in people living with HIV. For many, the psychiatric disorders were present before HIV and are associated with HIV risk exposure and infection.  After infection with HIV, these disorders impair quality of life and often complicate treatment adherence.

HIV psychiatric patients tell stories that often share two common themes: 1) Traumatic childhoods (verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse) associated with low self-esteem, shame and depression; and 2) Street drugs (marijuana, alcohol and cocaine) used to alleviate internal pain.

Survivors of childhood abuse often find themselves caught in cycles of compulsive behaviors, which replicate parts of a traumatic past. These common themes are represented in woodcut frames that surround portraits of Dr. Avery’s patients who agreed to have their portraits drawn by him.  The frames are generalized representation of HIV risk shared by numbers of patients.

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