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Paradise Lost (Brodsky Chiaroscuro Small Version)
3 linoleum block print with polymer text block on okawara paper
36 1/2"x 36"
Edition: 20
Published by: Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions For Philagrafika 2010
Printers: Anne McKeown/Steven Orlando

Artist Statement/Description of Work:

Appropriating Durer’s 1504 Adam and Eve, Wechtlin’s 1517 Wounded Man and a 1493 medical illustration by Johannes de Keham, Dr. Avery’s first couple is not in the Garden of Eden. Their abandoned industrial landscape with hog factory farms in the background has a river of pig feces running between the first couple. They are surrounded by multiple reservoirs for infectious diseases: chickens, pigs, rats, bats and a civet. Vectors for infectious diseases: fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies are attracted to them. In the borders are listed 14 major infections of humans that have emerged in the past 20,000 years.

The print was published as part of the Signature Edition Series for Philagrafika – The Graphic Unconscious, a city wide print festival in Philadelphia (January 29-April 11, 2010).

The Fall of Man (Adam and Eve)
Albrecht Durer
1504, Engraving

Wounded Manikin
Johannes Wechtlin
1517, Woodcut

Hendrick Goltzius
1590-91, Chiaroscuro Woodcut

Eric Avery signing prints for Anne McKeown from Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, 2011.
Adam and Eve
Paradise Lost (Philagrafika Large Version)
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