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How To Use A Male/Female Condom (Toilet Paper Motif)
Eric Avery demonstrating how the print works in the bathroom installation at Brasil, 2626 Dunlavy, Houston, Texas (Photos: Roger Haile)

In conjunction with World AIDS Day/Day Without Art, December 1, 1995, and as a part of Houston's Contemporary Arts Museum (CAM) exhibition "Wallpaper Works" (November 17-December 31, 1995), Eric Avery created an installation print based explicitly on instructions in condom packages.


Click here for a larger view... Based on widely available condom package inserts, the intent of the print installation in nightclub/coffeehouse bathrooms was to educate young adults about the need, if they are sexually active, to use male and female condoms and protect themselves from HIV or other STDs. Click here for a larger view... Museum staff installed this wallpaper print in repeated patterns in men and women's bathrooms at five Houston area nightclubs and coffee houses.
Click here for a larger view... "How to...provides important and often unheeded, safe-sex information in a context
where it is unexpected, a space where people are not expecting an art experience, and indeed may never be aware they're part of one."--CAM Press Release, November 22, 1996
Click here for a larger view... On February 25, 1996, after a mother's complaint about the installation at Brasil, the Houston Police Department's Vice Squad ordered that it be destroyed. (Click here to read more from a report in Houston Press March 7, 1996.)
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