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This is a satire on the Bush that hit the White House in 2001. Vice President Dick Cheney looks through Star Wars onto the scene of people fleeing . Ex-President Clinton leaves in a limo with money flying out the widow, legs up in the back seat. A small windowless limo approaches the White House from the other side.

The image on the left is a broadside by Jose Guadalupe Posada that served as the source image for this project. Click either image to see a larger version.

Click for a closer view
Click for a closer view

Inauguration Day 2001

Linoleum Block Print on Hosho handmade paper.
15" X 22" edition 20

"Satira sobre el cometa que apareciom en 1899"

(Satire on the comet that approached in 1899). Broadside.
Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913)
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