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Never Again/What Is It?
Wood engraving on katakana paper
Edition: 20

Source Image:  
Paul Gauguin (French, 1848-1903)
Manao tupapau (Spirit of the Dead Watching), 1894.
Lithograph, 18x27.1cm

The story of this print is embarrassing. One night on my trip in 1987 to Tahiti to discover Paul Gauguin's world, I drank too much and awoke (my head is at the bottom of the print) in a hotel room in the morning when the cleaning woman in the flowered dress in the print was leaving the room. Sleeping in the bed across from me, was the person I had been dancing with earlier in the evening. He/She was sleeping with a thumb in the mouth. My pants were lying on a chest of drawers, my wallet was empty. I quickly put on my clothes and left the room and made my way to my hotel. 

For the print, I imagined what I had hoped had been in the other bed instead of what must have been a trans person. I put the little Gauguin source image on the wall above the figures. The night was a black out. The morning is remembered in the print. I swore "Never Again."
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